The MACC app

The License

The MACC app and Extended MACC app both have a simple license and minimal restrictions on their use.

When you purchase a copy of either of these you are entering into a legal agreement with us as the copyright holder and we are granting you a number of rights and your use of these works is also subject to a number of restrictions, which are detailed below.

No ownership or copyright of the 'MACC app' and 'Extended MACC app' digital works passes to you when you purchase a copy.


If you purchase a copy of the 'MACC app' or the 'Extended MACC app' we will grant you the following rights:


You use of the the 'MACC app' and the 'Extended MACC app' is subject to the following restrictions:


You cannot remove the link to the MACC app web site as the source of these works. If you incorporate any parts of either work into your own work, you must attribute us as the original authors of those parts and this attribution must include a link to the MACC app web site,

Unauthorised use

Any use of the 'MACC app' or the 'Extended MACC app' that is not expressly authorised by this agreement constitutes copyright infringement. If you have any questions regarding appropriate use of these works, then please e-mail us at to discuss your questions. If you have special requirements we are happy to consider entering into a special agreement.

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